Jeff Davis (Dr.)
Robert Tucker (Mr.)
Pilar Divoky (Ms.)
Mary Shi (Dr.)
Reid Litster (Mr.)
Pamela Smith (Ms.)
Cythera Carlson (Ms.)
Tymon Hsieh (Mr.)
Lynne Yarmoshuk (Ms.)
Shawna Abbott (Ms.)
Jenn Stark-King (Ms.)
Pamela Smirke (Ms.)
Judy Ungarian (Ms.)
Kristen Munoz (Ms.)
Karen Zetaruk (Ms.)
Jo-Anne Bettauer (Ms.)
Heather Clark (Ms.)
Jacy Standish (Ms.)
Andrea Park (Ms.)
Sandra Green (Ms.)
Leslie McLaren (Ms.)
Suzie Curkovic (Ms.)

about Victoria International Student Programs

The Greater Victoria School District’s Victoria International Student Programs (VISP) meets the highest standards of academic rigour and provide invaluable life skills to further a student’s chances for success.

  • VISP has been providing quality international education experiences since 1992.
  • Although programs are open to students of varying ages, focus is on students ages 12 – 18
  • Curriculum is approved and accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.
  • Academic program graduates are often accepted into top universities and colleges throughout Canada and around the world.
  • In addition to a world-class academic program VISP also offers a variety of short-term and ELL Programs.
  • VISP is part of the Greater Victoria School District, a public school district in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.
  • The Greater Victoria School District (GVSD) is located in Victoria, the “City of Gardens” and capital of British Columbia.
  • GVSD covers five municipal areas and is the sixth largest public school district in the Province of British Columbia.

University and Government Accredited Teachers
Our teachers are highly trained, government-certified professionals. Teaching faculty has completed university-level training in education, holding bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees in their particular subject area.

A Balanced Approach to Learning
The Academic High School Program instills a balanced and positive outlook in young minds. Students are encouraged to become active and full members of their school and neighbourhood communities through athletics, cultural activities, volunteering and other non-academic pursuits.

Flexibility to Meet Individual Needs
Each of our District’s government-certified schools has its own unique character and provides a wide range of course options.

Outstanding Student Support
Our years of experience in international education have made us keenly aware of the unique needs of international students. To assist our students and encourage their success, we provide comprehensive support which includes:

  • School-based international student advisors at each of our high schools and middle schools
  • Our own registered homestay program
  • Multi-cultural homestay placement officers
  • An orientation for all new international students
  • Professional, experienced program staff committed to student success
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