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    Q: What kind of support can I expect as an international student in one of your programs?
    A: You will receive comprehensive support throughout your stay with us. You will receive support from your homestay family, your teachers at school, the International Student Program Adviser at your school, our Homestay Manager, the Cultural Homestay Placement Officers, and everyone at the VISP office. In addition, there are new student orientations and special VISP-sponsored events throughout the year. A VISP staff member is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency situations.

    Q: What about medical insurance? Must I pay for British Columbia medical insurance even if I have private insurance?
    A: Yes. All students in the Academic High School Program must join the provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP) while residing in British Columbia. In most cases, medical insurance is included in the fees for our other programs. All students must have medical insurance to travel and stay in Canada.

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