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    Q. My application has been accepted by VISP. When should I book my travel?
    A. Make your travel arrangements as soon as possible to ensure you can get the flights you require.

    Q. I will be attending the long-term academic program. When should I arrive in Victoria?
    A. It is a good idea to get here a few days before orientation. Please arrive in Victoria no more than five (5) days before the start of orientation.

    Q. After my long-term program finishes, how soon should I depart?
    A. Please arrange to depart from Victoria no more than three (3) days after the end of your program.

    Q. Who do I need to notify about my travel arrangements?
    A. Notify your host family and the VISP office. We need to know the following: date of arrival in Victoria, time of arrival and flight numbers. Let us know your departure details too, if you have them.

    Q. Do you need my itinerary for returning home?
    A. Yes. It is very important for us to know when you will be returning home. Send us your itinerary for departure from Victoria, as soon as it becomes available.

    Q. What is the closest airport to Victoria?
    A. VICTORIA International Airport is the closest airport. Be sure to book your travel through to Victoria International Airport.

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