Students attending the Victoria International Education (VIE) at the Greater Victoria School District have the option of staying in our VIE Homestay Program or a privately arranged host family.

A host family plays an important role in the success of an international student and is the main support for the student when they are not in school.  The VIE Homestay Program is run by dedicated staff who visit and ensure all homes meet our standards of care.  If a student wishes to stay in a private accommodation the host family must meet the requirements of VIE.

The staff of the VIE Homestay Program also provide ongoing support to students to help them adjust to their life in Canada. Our host families are Canadians of all cultural backgrounds and live in homes ranging from houses, condos, apartments and townhouses.

All host families whether private or part of the VIE program are expected to follow the BC K-12 International Student Homestay Guidelines

VIE Homestay  Private Accommodation