VIE Homestay

Students are strongly encouraged to stay with Canadian families. Our experience tells us this is the best way to ensure the safety, well-being and success of our students.  The support of the homestay families enables students to focus on their studies, confident that their domestic needs are met.  Homestays provide an invaluable, authentic insight into the Canadian way of life and opportunities to improve English language skills.  As a result, students move with ease and confidence in Canadian society.

The VIE Homestay Program ensures that all host families have met our standards and have been cleared to host by the police as a safe home.

The Homestay Coordinators determine student placements based on the information provided in the application form and do their best to match requests.   

Our Homestay Coordinators regularly check in with the students at school to ensure they are comfortable and to also assist them in adjusting to their new life in Canada.

VIE host families are all residents of Canada and come from many different cultural backgrounds.  To be part of our program, host families have to go through ongoing training with our department to ensure they understand the importance of providing a nurturing and caring environment for international students.