Application Information

Applications for Long term programs (one semester - graduation)

Please carefully read these instructions before filling out the application form.

Applications cannot be processed without all of the items listed below.

Apply On Line

Step One: Applying and Letter of Acknowledgement

Submit the following: 

  • Completed Online Application.
  • Final report cards for the last two years
  • Photocopy of first page of passport
  • A recent photograph
  • $250 Application Fee.
Step Two: Letter of Acceptance Guarantee

Upon receipt of a Letter of Acknowledgement and invoice, please do the following:

  • Pay all remaining applicable program fees.

Once all the above fees have been paid, an official Letter of Acceptance Guarantee will be issued. A guardianship letter will be issued, if required.

Please see payment information here

Step Three: Visa Application

Upon receipt of the official Letter of Acceptance Guarantee, please do the following:

  • Immediately contact the nearest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office for a Study Permit application form, or obtain one from the IRCC website. Be sure to apply as early as possible as the process can take over eight weeks.
  • Complete the form and include the Letter of Acceptance Guarantee with your application package. Wait to receive a reply from IRCC.
  • Make sure you have an updated passport. 

Please note: Victoria International Education has no influence over the visa application process. Please direct all inquiries regarding your visa status to your local IRCC office.

Applications for Summer camp and Individual Short term programs
Check list for short term programs
  1. Select your preferred dates
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Photocopy the first page of the student’s passport
  4. Submit the completed online application form including passport copy to our office along with payment in full. We will start processing your application once we receive your payment.
  5. Have a valid travel document (a Study Permit is not required for the Short-Term or Camp Victoria Programs).

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