Refund Policy

Refund policies
Academic High School, Middle School and Elementary School Programs/Uplands Campus Academic Transition Program (ATP)

Students are selected for Victoria International Education with the expectation that they are committed to high achievement through serious study. We make a commitment to our students to assist them in achieving success. While we look forward to a good relationship with all of our students, in some cases circumstances change and the following refund policy will apply.

•  Application Fee: non-refundable

•  Homestay Placement Fee: non-refundable

•  Homestay Monitoring Fee: non-refundable unless the student cancels prior to their program start date and/or leaves the program within 30 days of their start date. After 30 days no refund is provided.

•  If applicable, the Legalization Fee will be deducted from the Homestay Monitoring Fee.

•  If the request for a Study Permit is denied by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the total School Fee paid is refundable less $500 administration costs.

•  If a student cancels prior to their program start date, two-thirds of the School Fee paid is refundable. If a student leaves the program within 30 days of their program start date, half the School Fee paid is refundable.

•  After 30 days OR in the event of being required to leave the program because of faulty documents, failure to obey program rules or being charged with a criminal act in Canada, no refund is provided

Refund policy for Summer Camp Programs for short term program for Individual students

Fees are held pending student placement. Upon confirmation of placement and program acceptance, Victoria International Education does not give refunds for short-term programs. In the event that a student must withdraw from the program for family emergency or medical reasons, VIE will provide a refund less a $500 administration fee.

Additional Terms & Conditions

In addition, the Greater Victoria School District #61 is not liable for losses/ expenses that may incur as a result of the District being unable to provide education owing to labour disputes, inclement weather conditions or other causes beyond its control. If the student’s educational needs are greater than disclosed on the application, the District reserves the right to charge for extra support if such support is available. Any inaccuracy in the application submission is grounds for the District to terminate the agreement and send the student home without refund and at the parent’s own expense.