Global and Intercultural Skills Program

Join the Global and Intercultural Skills Program and gain intercultural skills and experience that will last a lifetime!

According to the Organization for Economic and Cooperation Development (OECD), there is increasing evidence that students require intercultural competency skills to allow them to succeed in an increasingly diverse global society. The focus of the Global and Intercultural Skills Program is to provide students with meaningful intercultural experiences through travel abroad opportunities, as well as through local intercultural engagement initiatives.

"The OECD defines global competencies as: the capacity to analyse global and intercultural issues critically from multiple perspectives, to understand how differences affect perceptions, judgments, and ideas of self and others, and to engage in appropriate and effective interactions with others from different backgrounds on the basis of shared respect for human dignity."

—From: OECD Global Competency for an Inclusive World

Benefits of the Global and Intercultural Skills Program

Global Intercultural Program Strands

To complete the Global and Intercultural Program students must complete study in the following areas:

Global and Intercultural Studies Program Brochure
Global and Intercultural Studies course framework
Global and Intercultural Experience course framework

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