Hosting Information

Open your home to students from other cultures and help them adapt to the Canadian lifestyle. Students come here from around the world to study in schools throughout the Greater Victoria School District in a safe environment

Host families are the backbone of Victoria International Education. By inviting a student into their lives, hosts experience new and exciting family dynamics. They also learn about other cultures and traditions. Hosting often leads to the development of long-term relationships, with the host family visiting their student in their home country.

What are the responsibilities of a host family?

Most students are leaving their families for the first time when they study abroad. Hosts welcome them with an open heart, treating the student as a member of the family while supporting their academic progress. English must be the language spoken at home. Hosts provide a bedroom, study area, three meals per day plus healthy snacks.

Duration of Stay

  • One week to ten months.

Reasons to Host

  • Experience new and exciting family dynamics
  • Help a student adapt to the Canadian lifestyle
  • Connect your family to the world
  • Learn about other cultures and traditions
  • Build lasting friendships
  • Be involved in your community

Who can host?

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Empty nesters
  • Singles

What are the requirements?

  • Private bedroom and study area
  • English must be the language spoken at home
  • Three meals per day, plus healthy snacks
  • Parental support and acceptance of student as part of the family

What do we provide for our host families?

  • Monthly remuneration
  • Orientation
  • Homestay manual
  • On-going support