Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from a British Columbia high school, students must attain a sufficient number of credits at the grade 10 to 12 levels.  The majority of credits must come from the following subjects: language arts, social studies, science, mathematics, physical education, planning, graduation transitions, fine arts and applied skills. The remaining credits must come from elective courses that students choose according to their personal interests and postsecondary aspirations.  Elective courses fall into three broad categories: applied skills, business education, and fine arts.

International students who enter the school system in British Columbia, in grade 10 or before, will proceed through the graduation program with the same requirements as local students. International students who enter at the grade 11 or 12 level will be required to demonstrate English proficiency and complete the requirements of the graduation program. Some course requirements may be satisfied through Equivalency or Challenge review. Credit eligibility is determined through the VIE application process.

Students who achieve a high academic standing may enroll in specially designed courses in various subjects. Successful completion of these courses allows students to enter directly into second-year courses at post-secondary institutions, while others earn academic credits for their high school course work.

Extracurricular Program Activities – Graduation Stream

During the year, for an additional cost, full-time international students are offered special activities such as a twice-a-year ski trip to Whistler.  In addition, each school has its own set of special offerings, for example: tennis, rowing, cycling, track and field, golf, rugby, theatre, dance, band and strings, choral work, theatre productions, media studies, vocal jazz, and archaeological and ecological study excursions.