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    Important Change:  

    Homestay Fees Administered by Victoria International Student Programs - effective July 1, 2015

    Starting July 1, 2015, the International Program office will begin administering homestay fees on behalf of our students.  

    Frequently Asked Questions:  

    Q: How will administering homestay fees benefit students?
    A: Students will no longer need to be responsible for paying their host families or handling large sums of money.  

    Q: Is this service available to all students?
    A: All students who are in our homestay program will have their homestay fees administered by our program office.  
    Q: How does this service work?
    A: Homestay fees must be paid to Victoria International Student Programs in advance, and we will issue cheques to host families each month, on behalf of the students.  

    Q: When do homestay fees need to be paid to the International Program office?
    A: Homestay fees may be paid for the entire year, or per semester.  

    • Homestay fees for the full year - due by August 1
    • Homestay fees for Semester 1 (September - January) - due by August 1
    • Homestay fees for Semester 2 (February - June) - due by December 1  

    Q: Can the fees be paid monthly?
    A: We are not able to accept homestay fees paid in monthly installments.  Homestay fees must be paid in full for at least one semester, by the dates mentioned above.  

    Please contact the program office if you have any questions.

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