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    Comfort and security, life long friends, new experiences and a home away from home.

    International students participating in the VISP Homestay Program will feel welcome, comfortable and secure. The VISP Homestay Program places visiting students into supportive, stable homes with active Canadian families. Homestays are arranged and supervised by the VISP office.

    1. Placement is determined by the profile information provided in the student’s application form, homestay availability and school placement.
    2. Host families are well-screened and safe.
    3. International students are met at the Victoria International Airport by their host families, to begin their stay.
    4. Host families provide the student with a private room and three meals a day.
    5. Students experience total immersion into the Canadian way of life and are strongly encouraged to participate in all family activities.
    6. Students can practice their English skills in a relaxing environment.
    7. Homestays are close to the schools, many within walking distance.
    8. The VISP Homestay Manager and Cultural Homestay Placement Officers provide comprehensive support to international students and host families.
    9. Support is also available in Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and other languages.

    Each homestay family is carefully screened by our program staff to ensure it meets our expectations and high standards for hosting young people from around the world.  Host families receive training and are supported and supervised by our own multicultural homestay placement officers.

    Homestays with Canadian families are strongly encouraged. Our experience tells us this is the best way to ensure the safety, well-being and success of our students.  The support of the homestay families enables students to focus on their studies, confident that their domestic needs are met.  Homestays provide an invaluable, authentic insight into the Canadian way of life and opportunities to improve English language skills.  As a result, students move with ease and confidence in Canadian society.

    Our homestay family community is a very important aspect of our program. Our Homestay families represent a diverse range of interests and lifestyles that characterize Canadian society.  Many Victoria families have welcomed international students into their homes since the inception of the program in 1992.
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